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Mount Si High School Athletics Booster Club

Spring Sports Night

Spring Sports Night is an evening meeting that allows coaches and athletic administrators to go over expectations and information for athletes and parents for the upcoming sports season. The night will start in the MSHS Gym where we will hear from Athletic Director Darren Brown as well as Athletic Trainer Katelyn Hansen and Athletic Secretary Tammy Frederick. We will then break out into individual sports, and then again into individual teams. This night will last 90 minutes at the most, but likely will not run that long. This night is mandatory and is for parents only, athletes should not attend.

What:  Spring Sports Night (Informational Meeting)
Where:  Mount Si High School Gym (Everyone first meets in the Gym, then Boys Soccer moves to the Library)
When:  THURSDAY, MARCH 5 at 6:30 PM
Who:  Parents of any spring sport athletes

Official MSHS Announcement

Chain of Communication

Due to the focus in our program on building not only athletes, but young adults as well, we have a chain of communication in place to promote responsibility, initiative, confidence, and communication skills in the young men in our program. If an athlete has an issue, question, or concern, it is up to them to bring it to the attention of the coaching staff. Being able to communicate is a huge part of being a successful and well-adjusted adult, and we do not want to do a disservice to the athletes in our program by allowing their parents/guardians to do all of the talking for them. Therefore, the following chain of communication has been set:

For JV and C-Team athletes:

  1. Athlete contacts and meets with their head coach.
  2. Athlete contacts and meets with their head coach and the Varsity coach.
  3. Athlete contacts and meets with their head coach, the Varsity coach, and the Athletic Director.
  4. Athlete contacts and meets with their head coach, the Varsity coach, the Athletic Director, and their parents. 

For Varsity athletes:

  1. Athlete contacts and meets with their head coach.
  2. Athlete contacts and meets with their head coach and  Athletic Director.
  3. Athlete contact and meets with their head coach, Athletic Director, and their parents.

Each step follows only if the issue has not been resolved in the prior meeting. If coaches have not been contacted and have had a meeting with your athlete first, they have absolutely no obligation to respond to any contact by a parent/guardian. Likewise, our Athletic Director is aware of our chain of communication and will not become involved unless the issue arrives at the final step in the chain of communication. Please help us help your son by allowing him to be his own advocate.

Parent Resources from Positive Coaching Alliance

College Recruiting Process

Contact Information

Ben Tomlisson

Varsity Head Coach

Dave Weller

JV Head Coach

Darren Brown

School Athletic Director

Blake Kimmel

C-Team Head Coach