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Wildcat Boys Soccer Game Stats & Recaps

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Saturday, May 19 - ISSAquah (WIAA 4A State playoff game - round of 8)

Mount Si 3  Issaquah 2

What a night!  I appreciate any athlete in every sport that shines in the moment. Number 3 had an evening that will always be remembered. He was smart at a time when his team needed him most and he delivered. He is special, Reed has that gift that a lot of people do not see. He is already ahead of the next play in his mind and his anticipation to me is right there with Davis Karaica, an X back of ours that I always use as the bench mark. 

I am proud of this team for staying focused and dedicating the time and energy into our prep. Being organized and disciplined has many advantages for the road ahead. 

New season on Monday. Final Four!  Mount Si, Ferris, Puyallup, and Jackson. 

Time to prep. 

POY- Mr. Ice. Reed P 


WEDNESDAY, May 15 - Sumner (WIAA 4A State playoff game - round of 16)

Mount Si 2  Sumner 1

Goals-  Drew Harris and Mateo DiDomenico

Assists-  Sully Smith and Drew Harris

Well executed!  Very proud of the boys and the effort put into that match.  Sumner was a good squad and I thought a number of our players really stood out in this one.  Colby was locked on and had a prime performance.  Jake Jimenez got an “A” grade and was pivotal to what we did last night.  Paul Talens and Sully were both very solid on both sides of the ball.  Drew paced the game well and held that ball up numerous times for our attack to follow.  I appreciated how he dictated the tempo of the match. 

Reed and Mateo get the game balls in this one.  All I can say about Mateo is, that is just Mateo.  He is clutch.  Clutch time performance and one of the biggest goals in Wildcat History.  Reed was an absolute beast and stood out on game film.  He was clearly the X-factor in this match and came out of it smelling like a rose. 

Quarterfinals.  @ Issaquah.  7pm.  Saturday. 


tuesday, May 7 - Mariner (Wes-KING Playoff game)

Varsity won 8-1

Goals- Jared, Sully, Reed, Henry, Banner, Joey, Erik, Seb
Assists- Mateo, Drew (3), Popp, Joey, Henry

Eight different players finished tonight...I love that!  That is a balanced attack and everyone got a lot of time tonight which I was really happy about. 

This will be short because I want to start prepping for Jackson. Jackson defeated Eastlake tonight 4-0, so they will be coming to Mount Si for a 7pm showdown on Thursday. 

We played well tonight!  Proud of the efforts across the board and the mental focus of the boys!  

Players of the Match- Entire Team. That was a group effort across the board. 

tuesday, April 30 - ISSAQUAH

JV lost 1-4 
Varsity won 2-1


Goals- Reed and Drew
Assists- Jake and Banner


League Champs!  13-1.....a classic Issaquah rivalry as always. 

It was a fun night, I talked to some parents and players tonight, some that I have not seen for 5-10 years. Was really a well planned night for the guys. A big Thank You to Mandi Smith and Kim Hunter for putting on a great senior night. 

Our seniors get the POTM for this one!  Drew and Reed with two big goals!  Time to scout Wesco and start prepping. 

Go Cats!! 

Players of the Match-  Reed, Mateo, Will, Henry, Jared, and Drew

tuesday, April 23 - Newport

JV tied 2-2 
Varsity won 4-2


Goals- Sully Smith "4"
Assists- Jake Jimenez and Drew Harris (2)


Well, we got it done but, the Newport side put up a strong fight and hats off to them for playing hard.  We had to switch things up twenty minutes in because of our transition game and some holes that were exposed.  Reed had a very strong game (as usual) and Drew was effective with slotting balls for Sully in the attacking third but, this was Sully's show.  #2 hat trick of the year for Sully and he now leads the league with 13 goals for the season and total points scored.

Colby was excellent in goal tonight!  I heard him and Reed all night long directing out of the back which is what we want going forward.  

The big news of the night was after our match finding out that Redmond was defeated by Issaquah 3-1.  This locks up the league title for KingCo with every one in our rear view with at least two losses and a tie to our one lone loss of the season.  One banner down and another white one to go boys!!

Players of the Match-  Sully Smith and Colby Ramsey 

tuesday, April 16 - Skyline

JV lost 2-6 
Varsity won 2-0


Goals-  Jared and Sully
Assists- Drew and Paul


I thought we played well tonight given the number of adjustments we had to make during some lapses during the match.  Skyline is a good team and have been playing really good soccer of late, I thought they had a few opportunities that could have got us.  Jared and Sully are both scoring a lot of goals for us because of each's soccer IQ.  Jared's movement off the ball is very fluid, he is a perfect A-mid in our system.  Sully is very dangerous up top because of his work rate and you can never sleep on him because if you do.....he will be by you in a second.  

Drew was creating chances for us on several occasions during the night.  He is so skilled on the ball and can put a ball on a dime...with our speed, it is a lot of heat coming at you.  

Our backline was very good tonight.  Reed, Justin, and Jake were lights out...all three on all cylinders. 

Colby had his best game of the year so far....leading out of the back and a presence in the box. I was very happy with his performance.  

Players of the Match-  Colby  Ramsey and the Iron Curtain (Jake, Justin, Reed) 

tuesday, April 9 - Inglemoor

JV tied 3-3 
Varsity won 3-2


Goals-  Jared (2), Banner
Assists- Drew (2), Sully

Well, the boys came out of the heap of five stretch 5-0 on the swing and tonight’s victory moves us into 1st place tonight as Redmond and Skyline tied 1-1. 

I could tell that the boys were wearing down a bit (which was expected) but, I am very proud of the mental focus each one of them had. This team is good at prepping and understanding the game plan. 

Well done boys. Get a little rest and relaxation in now as you deserve it. This game ball was an easy one, Jared was on a mission tonight and tallied the big first goal of the match and the final which was pure force. 

Player of the Match- Jared Davies 

Now is a time for all to get some rest.

monday, April 8 - wenatchee

JV lost 1-5 
Varsity won 4-0


Goals-  Sully, Banner, Jared, Henry
Assists- Drew (2), Jared

We got in the match tonight even with a lightning delay pushing our start time back. It took us awhile to settle in but, there were several missed opps in the first 40 that we should have had. The second half chances were capitalized as we had four different scorers this evening. Sully’s goal was the first of the night and the turning point of the match. One of the best goals of the year, I still am amazed of his elevation on that cross from Drew!!  

I thought both Colby and Jaedan did a fine job in goal tonight and our backline was solid. 3 shut outs a piece now for our keeper duo!! 

Bus leaves at 3:30 tomorrow, game 11 at Pop Keeney tomorrow. 

Go Cats!!

Player of the Match- Sully Smith 

Saturday, April 6 - Union

JV lost 3-4 
Varsity won 4-3


Goals-  Mateo 2, Jared 1, Drew 1
Assists- Reed, Mateo 2

Today was a planned day to get everyone some time on the ball and get some rest time for some others.  I thought we started the first twenty minutes the same way we finished last night which was electric and our movement off the ball was crisp.  

We had several opportunities that we just did not finish on but, they were there.  Three games down, two left with the five game marathon.  Wenatchee on time 3:00 for JV and 5:00 for Varsity.  Tuesday we are at Pop Keeney against Inglemoor. 

This was Mateo's day really.  2 goals and and two assists and Drew with the game winner...easy to pick this one.  

Players of the Match-  Mateo DiDomenico and Drew Harris 

FRIDAY, April 5 - Camas

JV tied 4-4 
Varsity won 3-0


That was an 80 minute performance by the boys!  We finally played to as close to perfection as possible with a 3-0 win over the 4th ranked team in the state.  We can beat anybody if we play our game and that was quite a show last night. 

We had a lot of contributions from several players last night who all had stellar matches.  

Hahn, Reed, Jake, Colby, Will, Jared, Banner, Paul, Mateo, Sully, and Drew was our starting lineup.  I thought they all played excellent on both sides of the ball.  

Short report as we have Union today and need to do some prep.  

Goals-  Jake, Jared, and Sully 

Assists-  Drew 2, Mateo 

Player of the Match- Jake Jimenez 

Tuesday, April 2 - North Creek

JV won 5-4 
Varsity won 2-1 OT


Well, I have to say our scouting report was spot on (thank you Scouting Director- Dan Kirby).  I thought North Creek did a good job of taking away some of our strengths and was a gamble but, they got that first goal and anything can happen with momentum.  We had the ball for ¾ of the night in the attacking third but, could not find the net.  North Creek did a good job of compacting defensively and then opening up on the attack which stretched us wide.  It also made us vulnerable on multiple occasions.  North Creek is a good squad and I appreciate how hard they worked. 

We had several opps last night and our movement off the ball is a work in progress.  We have moments but, it is still not fluid yet and when it does come, we will not be in these tight matches that we have been in.  The key is we keep getting better and making the small corrections along the way.  Two days to recover and then we have my stomping ground coming up here on Friday.  Camas is a solid program and we will need as much prep as we can get in before then. 

We had some strong performances tonight but, at the end of the match, Reed contributed the most on both sides of the ball.  His “D” was very impressive and was a difference maker…oh yeah, he got the neutralizer dime late in regulation as well to Drew!

Player of the Match-  Reed P

Goals-  Drew and Sully

Assist- Reed and Paul

Tuesday, March 26 - Woodinville

JV lost 2-3 
Varsity won 5-0


Goals- Sully 3 (first hat of the season), Joey Salem (first varsity goal of career), and Banner.

Assists- Mateo 3, Sully, and Banner.

Player of the Match- Sully Smith

The boys looked good tonight.  I could tell at our pre-game meeting and at warm ups that confidence was high and the level of focus was spot on.  Sully was on a mission from the opening whistle and very involved up top.  His off the ball movement was excellent and he created opps in the box because of that hustle. Drew was laying dimes out all night and was also around the ball most of the evening.  I thought he did a fine job!

Our wing backs received a lot of praise for the pace and support into the attack.  Mateo and Paul were very strong in those numbers and I was very pleased with both performances.  We are playing with two different systems at the moment that fit our personnel. This will serve us well going forward.

Reed really plays the high school game as two players.  That is how much real estate he covers and it very difficult to get around him. Justin and Jake also had good games in the back. 

Shout out to our first hat trick of the year…..Sully Smith!

First goals of the season for Banner and Joey!

Go Cats!


JV lost 0-2 
Varsity lost 0-3


Was a tough loss to swallow last night but, the bottom line is we got beat. Redmond’s bread and butter is sets and turnovers. We had a 8:1 turn over margin in the second half and provided them free looks. 

I thought the first fifteen minutes we followed our game plan and everything was working as planned. We were high pressuring and our touch counts were solid. Then we started to mirror Redmond in which you never want to do. We started to make some decisions that released that back line and that got us in hot water on two occasions before half. 

0-0 half. 

The first goal for Redmond at the 45 minute mark changed it. Our tempo changed into using our energy when we did not need to. Some of our personnel were trying to do too much themselves and right there, Redmond had us. Two more late goals at the end of regulation and we are wrapped up with a 3-0 defeat. 

Ben and I will tweak a few things for Tuesday with Woodinville at our house. It is the right time to do so with the flu bug going around and list of injuries right now. Jared’s ankle injury timeline will be TBD but, the intel I received last night was better than I originally thought. The looks of it was bad after the match.  Jared is smart and tough, he knows how to rehab. Send your thoughts and wishes to him to get back to us. 

Player of the Match- Reed Paradissis 

Tuesday, March 19 - eastlake

JV lost 1-3 
Varsity won 3-1

Tale of two different sides.  First half was stale, no movement off the ball, runs were one dimensional, and passive. 

Second half there was communication, transition game was tight, and we attacked the frame which was dangerous. 

The good news…we are 4-0 and winning matches while playing a half of what we are capable of doing.  What we cannot do is mentally come out a deer in a headlight with the way we prep.  That is not acceptable!

We have a deep roster that we can utilize, we did it last night and had some great results from Cade Hahn and Banner Hovigna.  Cade did his job last night and prevented a couple serious lapses on our part.  Banner has serious energy and his presence settled the MF down….which was needed.  

I thought Mateo was electric in the 2nd half.  I also felt the same about Drew (again)…..give him any daylight and that is what can happen real quick.

Players of the Match-  Mateo DiDomenico and Drew Harris (back to back)

Goals-  Mateo 1, Drew 2

Assists-  Will, Mateo, and Jared

Friday, March 15 - Lake Washington

JV tied 1-1 
Varsity wins 1-0

Goal- Sully Smith 
Assist- Drew Harris 

We came out strong tonight and had some great opportunities early on. We definitely played with more pace tonight and the tempo favored us most of the match. 

Colby and Jaedan both did well and were credited with the shut out. Communication starts with the both of you, continue to direct what is in front of you. 

Our back line shape was not good the second half. When we had runs going forward we were late to support and got caught going back in transition. This has to be better and more consistent. 

I thought our mid three made a step in the right direction tonight. Paul Talens had a very good game and was busy. I liked that effort. 

Sully had several opps tonight and was finally rewarded with the game winner. He was a work force defensively and applied pressure all night. 

Drew gets the nod for player of the match. Game winning dime to Sully and was really effective all night distributing balls into the attacking third. He was locked on from the start to the final whistle. 

Player of the Match- Drew Harris 


Eastlake home on Tuesday. We prep Monday right after school in ASB, watch film, then hit the stadium. 

Wednesday, March 13 - BOTHELL

JV 5-3 win 
Varsity 4-2 win 

Well, that was even more interesting than Game 1. The first half was a side that I have not seen since February 25th. Some had nerves being game 1 for them, and I can understand that but, not following our game plan out of the gates is lack of focus. That will not happen again as we are well prepped.  We walked in to Pop Keeney down 2-0 because we started mirroring what was in front of us. 

We got a late first half goal by Davies from Jake that brought us to half down 2-1. Obviously, no one was very happy at half. We made a few adjustments and re-focused which was needed. 

We know we played well when Sully and Drew’s touch counts are the highest of the team. When Reed has the ball at his feet for half the match, I know our movement off the ball is not where it should be. We had no one tonight that was hungry for the rock other than those twenty of Drew and Sully creating opportunities for themselves and for open space to involve our attack. The job is much easier on us when we are all communicating. My eleven that are on the pitch are all captains and it starts in the back. My arm bands are my facilitators with the official. 

We scored the neutralizer in the 58th minute with Drew taking his frustration out on a 45 yard drive to the top of the box, cutting two players, and hitting an absolute bullet in the back of the net. 2-2. Momentum swung to us then came the heat. What is key about that goal is it relaxed everyone and we finally settled in. Never stop pressing!!! Lesson learned. 

Jared got the 3rd goal of the night that put us up then Sully Smith scores the 4th to shut off the lights. I did not have my clipboard after the 2nd goal (hmmmm, not sure where it went)?!?!

Tough to pick the player of the match in this one as we did not play well as a squad for 50 minutes. Drew had a big goal, Jared had two nice goals (one to close the half and the game winner), and Sully displayed why he can be so dangerous to the opposition but, I have to look at the other way as well and who touched the ball for most of the match but, most important was locked in as usual. #3. 

Goals- Jared Davies 2, Drew Harris 1, Sullivan Smith 1
Assists- Jake Jimenez 1, Sullivan Smith 1, and Stuart DeMerit 1 

Player of the Match- Reed Paradissis 

Saturday, March 9 - Kentwood

JV 2-1 win 
Varsity 3-2 win 

Well, today was interesting. We had no substitutes for 40 minutes and finished the match with 12 after KP arrived. I thought there were a lot of positives that came out of game 1. 

1) Jaedan was really playing under the weather and he had an excellent match. 

2) Dom and Hahn had solid matches for each’s first varsity logged minutes. 

3) A lot to ask a frosh to log big minutes in the middle and Joey shined and had moments of excellence.  

4) Stu provides us with a work horse on the field going both ways. I thought what he did off the ball today provided us with several opps going the other way. 

5) Our big 4 that were present all showed up and had great results. Reed and Teo were locked in and Drew and Jared each had good looks on the frame both halves. 

6) Henry Clark came up big today!  What he demonstrated was that his work rate was high and created many opportunities for us. Netting two goals in your first game...not too shabby. 

7) We brought up Jack Thorne from JV today and he executed!  He got the start in warm ups and came out of the game really impressing the coaching staff. That 2nd goal of ours was led up all by him. Jack anticipated a poor pass, stepped to his man and stripped the ball and delivered a dime to a good run by Henry to seal it. 

Goals- Henry Clark 2, Jared Davies 1
Assists- Drew Harris 1, Jack Thorne 1, and Reed Paradissis 1. 

Player of the Match- Henry Clark. 

Go Cats!!!!  1-0