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Mount Si High School Athletics Booster Club

Message from the MSHS Athletics Department (2021-01-14)


SVSD and WIAA Return To Play Guidelines


With appreciation of the Wildcat Girls Soccer Program, we are reposting relevant information from their website:

We have been given another update about the 2020/2021 athletic schedule from WIAA, and the KingCo League has made a decision based on that WIAA update. As of 1/16/2021, Season 1, which includes a 5-week KingCo Girls Soccer season, is scheduled to begin on March 1st. That start date and the season is dependent on the Puget Sound region's ability to enter Phase 2 of Governor Inslee's "Roadmap to Recovery". Once we enter Phase 2, the sport of soccer is categorized as a medium-risk outdoor sport, so we would be able to compete in games.

Attached below is an update from the Mount Si High School Athletic Director that includes further information regarding the metrics required to move to Phase 2, as well as the steps Mount Si Athletics will be taking to prepare for the beginning of this revised fall sports season.

Attached below is documentation that was given to the MSHS coaches as “Return to Play” guidelines from both WIAA and SVSD. 

Please direct any questions regarding these documents to MSHS Athletic Director, Chris Hill

Message from Coach Tomlisson



Hello Wildcats,

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Break, here is a challenge for you over the next 2 weeks. It’s the crossbar challenge. In a socially distanced group of 5, parents your welcome to join in too,  you have 3 balls and you’re trying to hit the crossbar three times ( from outside the penalty area). Take a video of your attempts and send me your scores. The following video shows our attempts as coaches to meet the challenge. Coach Weller came out on top with 2 out of 3 but all the coaches did pretty well: can you do better??!!!

Coaches Crossbar Challenge Video

Keep your fitness/running videos coming in: top time so far is a sub 7 minute Erik Davies, who is planning to take on Paul Talens next in a run off! 


Coach Tomlisson

Message from Coach Weller



Hello Wildcat Soccer players,

I've been challenged by Coach Tomlisson to do some fitness and post my times. Check out my video to see what and how I did.   


1. Let's ALL get our heart rates up  - especially those players I've specifically challenged!
Check out my video message for the players


2. As many of you are undoubtedly aware, Wildcat Speed Camp was cancelled for November and December. However our coaching staff is working to put together some fitness sessions for the players. Info to follow. In the mean time, don't let a little rain keep you from getting fit!


3. Us coaches are meeting today to film our crossbar challenge video. Stayed tuned for more info on that sure to be instant classic!  


Coach Dave Weller 

Message from Coach Tomlisson



Hello Wildcat Soccer players and families,

A few messages that I want to share with our Wildcat players:


1. Fitness, Fitness, Fitness
Check out my video message for the players


2. There are several opportunities to gain fitness including: 
Optional Wildcat Speed Camps begin the week of November 16th

(2020-11-16 update: Wildcat Speed Camps cancelled by MSHS)


3. Players are challenging each other to get fit and to begin getting ready now for the 2021 season.
Captain Sully has a video message for you!


Coach Ben Tomlisson 

Message from Coach Tomlisson



Hello Wildcat Soccer players and families


Welcome to the 2020-21 school year and season. If you are a freshmen or new to the school then an even bigger welcome. We are going to start preparing for our season and keeping everything crossed that we will be clear to play when it rolls around in April. I have posted a form below so I can grab your contact details and you can start to receive regular updates through the Remind App. The cell phone/ email part of this is the most important.


When can we start to get together?

We are in a holding pattern still until we enter Phase 3. Once entering Phase 3, we are planning to run some sessions in October.  We will determine what these look like over the next couple of weeks given the safety protocols. I was planning to run two training sessions a week, and we could divide this up by age/ teams but more information to follow. This is NOT a try out and so everyone who is considering trying out this year is welcome


I posted this video as a challenge to other small groups, soccer players to take part in more cardio activity this month. You can message me through the Remind App and send me screenshots / videos of you beating my time. It’s a 3-4 mile run and we’re using any app to track you time.  Its easier if you just send ME the videos/ screenshots of your times. REMEMBER YOU CAN DO THIS IN SMALL SOCIALLY DISTANCED GROUPS.



Coach Ben Tomlisson 

2020 Varsity Team Photo

Message from Coach Tomlisson



Wildcat Soccer Families and Community, 

So the news we were dreading came on Monday and school is over for the year, which also means we are done for the season. I can't tell you how sorry I am that we didn't get to see the potential of these three teams be realized. I'd commented to the other coaches and to our AD that this is the strongest set of squads overall that I think we have had. For most of us we get to go again next year, but for our seniors this is the end of the road for them and so especially cruel. I'd encourage you to reach out to them through texts, emails, parents, etc. and share your support and thanks for their hard work and dedication. Seniors: you have done Mount Si proud and I am so sorry we did not get to give you the traditional send off. We will find a way to do this in the next few weeks. To juniors, sophomores and freshmen: lets work our socks off to make sure next year that we make up for lost time and the lost season and we dedicate next year to our Seniors of 2020:







You will be missed!

I hope everyone is getting outside and getting some touches on the ball. I hope you manage to get some sort of season in for your select teams this summer. Do send me an invite and myself and/or one of the coaches will come out to see you play,  I also hope when restrictions are lifted we can have a get together and kick the ball around a little. I've just binge watched the Amazon Man City documentary again (third time) and am now on to the Sunderland Till I Die (season 2) on Netflix so am still getting some soccer in, but its not the same.  

Stay safe and healthy. 

Ben Tomlisson 

2020 MSHS Boys Soccer Season

On Hold Until Further Notice (2020-03-12) 

Consistent with today's message by the Superintendent of the Snoqualmie Valley School District and the executive order by the Governor of Washington, all school activities, including the boys high school soccer season will be suspended through April 24, unless extended beyond that date. 

Coronavirus Update – Snoqualmie Valley Schools to Close Friday, March 13


2020 MSHS Boys Soccer Teams

The players on all three teams who were selected to represent Mount Si High School Boys Soccer for the 2020 season have had a great first two weeks of practice. Understandably, their season is now on hold, but the lads will be ready to answer the call whenever it comes. 

Until our teams can once again take the field, we wish you all the best. Be well everyone. Go Cats!

Get Cold at Soccer Games? 

If so, get your Mount Si Soccer Custom Mambe Blanket here! A donation to the MSHS Boys Soccer Program is made with every purchase!! #thankyoumambe

2020 Boys Soccer Team Rosters

Congratulations to the boys who will represent MSHS Soccer on the Varsity, JV, and C-Team during the 2020 season. Go Cats!

Spring Sports Night is Thursday, March 5, 6:30pm at MSHS Gym


  • Each player should have an adult representative in attendance
    (players should NOT attend)
  • There will be lots of new info about Coaches, Expectations, Uniforms, Spirit Wear, Fundraising, etc.
  • Bring your checkbook. Some items will require payment and the use of a credit card will be extremely limited that evening.
  • Click Here for more info about Spring Sports Night

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⇒ 5 Home Games

⇒ 9 Away Games

♦ KingCo 4A conf. games: 9

♦ KingCo 3A non-conf. games: 1

♦ Other league non-conf. games: 4

Player photos courtesy of Curt of Calder Productions

Media Coverage

2020 Season Preview courtesy of the Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal (March 16, 2020)

Check out more stories here

Team Dinner Schedule - Varsity (On-Hold During School Closure)

Varsity Team Dinners AFTER practice:

  1. Wed,  March 11; TBD
  2. Wed, March 18; Davies/Hahn
  3. Wed, March 25; Paya
  4. Wed, April 1; Popp/Jimenez
  5. Wed, April 15; Ribary/Hahn
  6. Wed, April 22; Johnson
  7. Wed, April 29; Ramsey/Smith


Weight Training Schedule - Varsity

Lift sessions with Coach Zanas. Mondays and Wednesdays BEFORE practice (2:40 to 3:05). Fridays and Saturdays also BEFORE practice.

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. TBD
  6. TBD
  7. TBD
  8. TBD
  9. TBD
  10. TBD
  11. TBD



Wildcat Boys Soccer Game Schedules

Your 2019 KingCo 4A Champs!

#werenotfinishedyet #RoadtoState #GoCats

Game photos by Calder Productions available for free download

Check out the photos from the home games for C-Team, JV and Varsity. Click Here

Would you Like to order a 2019 Varsity memory book?

If anyone would like to purchase a copy of the photo book of the 2019 varsity season that was put together as a thank you gift for the varsity coaches, here is the link to that book:

Thank you Monica for putting the book together for the coaches (and for us too)! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you - to all of LAST season's Concessions Volunteers!

. . . pssst - we'll need your help again this year too :-)


No problem, watch for a YouTube LIVE link via Twitter just prior to game time. 


We need your (financial) support!

Fundraising for Mount Si Boys Soccer helps pay for home and away uniforms for our 58 players (Varsity, JV, and C-Team) as well as assistant coaching stipends. Please help our program by donating through PayPal.

Mount Si Boys Soccer Fundraiser 2019

♦ Let's hear from the boys (click video below)!

Please Support Our 2020 Season Sponsors:

Thank you to all our sponsors! If you are interested in having your business promoted and your website published please click BELOW for information on how to become a sponsor of Wildcat Boys Soccer.


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